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Alpaca Yarn

We are distributors in Australia to supply 100% Baby Alpaca fibre to the Wool Stores, from the largest Alpaca Textile Group in Peru.


We are passionate about Alpacas and Alpaca yarn but we also think it’s important to keep this industry thriving in Peru in a sustainable way. That’s why our fabulous alpaca knitting yarn stock is sourced from a supplier who has set up breeding ranches in the Andean highlands. Their main emphasis is on improving alpacas through sustainable breeding practices, educating small farmers who own most of the animals throughout the region.

And, beneficially for everyone, there is a growing demand for the Alpaca fibre in textile and fashion centres throughout the world.  With a drastically limited supply of these animals outside South America and stringent export restrictions on further transport of their national treasures in order to avoid depletion of their own herds, consumers want more fleece than farmers can produce through the Mirasol Project.

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